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The cost of the service is 19 RON. This cost includes databases querying, certificate generation and the related documentation.

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We check if your property is on the list of buildings with seismic risk. In Bucharest alone there are 2,638 properties on this list.

Did you know that it is the European capital with the highest earthquake risk?



We explain what it means to be absent or present on the list in one of the 7 risk categories.

Depending on the category, different credit or insurance conditions will apply.


Certificate • view sample

We generate a digital certificate that you can use to certify the risk (or absence of risk) of your property.

Most real estate ads contain false or incomplete information about earthquake risk.

Thousands of buildings are in danger of collapsing in Bucharest helps you navigate the cluttered documentation of the authorities and shows you the risk of your property in the event of an earthquake.